A little about me


Hello, i’m John Weaver. I’m an artist, designer, actor, illustrator, photographer, and all around creator living on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawai`i. I work full time as the Art Director for Freesurf Magazine. I also occasionally do freelance work and other artistic endeavors in my free time.

I attended Kapiolani’s New Media Arts program but have been in the business of the visual arts since i created the program art for our school play in the second grade. My Grandfather worked for Disney in Kansas City. My father was a commercial artist for Sears for 17 years. I grew up immersed in the business of commercial art and have pursued visual excellence my whole life.

Creative Philosophy


Current media is still a frontier. Whether i’m trying something completely new or working within tight parameters, I always strive for a visceral response from an audience. From a small banner ad to a new website, if it doesn’t prompt a reaction, it’s failed.

I strive to fit in without following suit. Avoiding trends but also striving for the most professional result. The business of art is tricky and I think an artists portfolio speaks for itself. Whether you hire me or anyone else, expect their portfolio to be a true indication of what is possible.